Cort supports Sam & the Black Seas

A journey started from Italy to accomplish in England, the birthplace of rock. That's the story of Samuele, or rather Sam and The Black Seas.

A project that has its roots in the songwriting world with a strong rock impact and a unique timbre. Along with Samuele Rampani, lead voice and guitar, we have Mattia Boschi, cello, Andrea Bianchi Castelbianco, guitar, and Stefano Tedesco, drums.

The three singles released in 2016 convey a vision strongly oriented to the Anglo-Saxon scene, a path confirmed by the support of a London based label and a series of summer live dates in UK.

Sam and The Black Seas are ready to engage with those who love quality music and Cort supports the project. Samuele has chosen a CORT GA5, one of the novelties of this year, characterized by a warm and rich sound.

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