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The indie folk band Sam and the Black Seas released the debut album SILVER through the London-based Atomic Fat label on 17th march 2017. The album features nine tracks including the singles released in 2016 


I personally don't believe in horoscopes or esoteric rituals, but I have to admit that the guy who gave me a tarot card reading a few years ago was spectacularly right.

The day after our encounter, I wrote a note and tucked it into the collar of a dog. A few days later I received a text containing an inspiring invitation to leave everything behind and go to Australia.

Travelling far helped me to get closer to myself through music. With the ocean as a backdrop and a studio on wheels as home, I began writing again and growing a burning desire to bring my music to life.


Samuele Rampani / Guitar, vocals
Andrea Bianchi di Castelbianco
/ Guitar
Mattia Boschi
/ Cello
Stefano Tedesco
/ Drums




Something went wrong


the love we owe

the game




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